Second letter to John Barton, Chairman of easyjet


Dear Mr Barton,

I wrote to the ‘Customer Services’ department of your airline almost three weeks ago and have not received a response to my serious questions let alone the courtesy of any sort of reply.  This I find contemptible.

Back in April / May 2010 I had a most unsatisfactory experience with the same department in trying to claim a refund, that time by email, for overcharging me for baggage. Indeed I never received the eventual cursory £8 refund offered. Matters appear not to have improved a jot.

Admittedly, you were not in charge at that time. However, I would ask you now to investigate why I have had no answer to my letter of 4th inst.  Should they claim never to have received this, I will be happy to furnish you with a copy thereof.

I gather that you are a member of Sunningdale and the R&A – we share a mutual friend in Minnow Powell. A few days ago you purchased over £89,000 worth of shares in your company. I trust your confidence in the performance of the airline is not misplaced because to be honest, your customer services are a disgrace.

Yours faithfully,

A.J.P.( Jamie )Summers



Reply from John Barton, 22 July 2013:

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2 thoughts on “Second letter to John Barton, Chairman of easyjet”

  1. Hi Jamie Summers (purely coincidentally we share the same surname)

    I have had exactly the same issue on writing to John Barton and Dame Carolyn McCall as you had:

    – a completely justified complaint
    – hopeless and rude attention from EasyJet’s Customer Service
    Department, followed by Recorded Deivery letters to both
    Dame Carolyn McCall and John Barton – both ignored

    Please let me know how, eventually, you managed to get a response from John Barton.

    Many thanks
    Michael Summers

    1. Dear Michael,

      Once I had sourced John Barton’s home address a reply came pretty quickly. He said he had asked Carolyn McCall to respond to me, but a few days later a somewhat ‘pass-the-buck to Luton Airport’ letter arrived from a Peter Duffy, Marketing Director based at that Hangar 89. I let Mr Barton have a copy saying I hoped he could ‘up the game’ of his team but it appears little has changed in the last 4 years.

      Yours ever,


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