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My big news is the arrival a month ago of Benny the lurcher from Dogs Trust rescue kennels near Evesham who is great fun and takes me for two long walks per day. Now the garden is pretty much Benny-proofed his penchant for escaping seems to be over. He is turning out to be a wonderful therapy dog with my friends at the Royal Hospital for neuro-Disability and also with learning disabilities people around Oxford. Aren’t dogs brilliant as Paul Whitehouse might say?!  But the poor fellow injured himself a while ago, rupturing ligaments in his back right leg and is heading to doggy hospital for surgery.

I hope 2019 is going well for you. Here in the Cotswolds, it started to warm up again after that balmy period over Easter. Having said that I don’t think there has ever been such a soggy June. August is traditionally a muggy month which debilitates one’s energy and this year is following its usual course. September started coolly but at least now a mini Indian summer is happening.

I have decided to  do a complete rewrite of this ‘latest news’ page as merely tweaking it occasionally ain’t good enough!

As many of you will know second marriages are not always easy and Ella and I have been struggling. We are both Christians and both divorced for over 25 years, so there is plenty of ‘baggage’.  Help from a Christian counsellor in our local town of Witney continued for some six months but ultimately failed to resolve our difficulties. Sadly I have to report that matters are now in the hands of Witney solicitors, although we are trying to keep matters amicable as we separate.

My respect for Jean Vanier will forever be undimmed. The great man suffered a heart attack towards the end of 2017 and had subsequent health problems. It is with great sadness that I have to tell you he died in the early hours of 7th May in a Paris hospital, surrounded by family and friends.

I was at his base in Trosly-Breuil near Compiègne in early spring this year, putting the finishing chapters together of my second book in the library of La Ferme.  I then headed out to my default Moevenpick Hotel in Aqaba, Jordan to complete its typing in a week of alternating sunbathing with laptop time.

Hitting this blog a while ago is the category ‘Thoughts and Feelings’, which is probably my favourite zone.  If the words are in blue I would like to claim their authorship otherwise it might be a well-known proverb or I have given credit where credit is due.  One of my favourite quotes from Henri Nouwen appears at the top of the opening page of this blog.

I  neglected this blog a bit while I concentrated on the charity I chaired until May 2017,  Being Alongside / The Association for Pastoral Care in Mental Health. With Mary Wright, another member, we worked many hours for BA/APCMH on a leaflet for churches aimed at encouraging them to do a little more for the mentally afflicted in their parishes and this should be distributed soon in ‘pdf’ and ‘hard copy’ formats. I say soon but it’s now well over two years since Mary and I started this work and still the leaflet remains ‘on the shelf’, which is not good. There has been no newsletter / magazine issued by Being Alongside for some two years now – this is not good either. I still try to chivvy along people involved but frankly to little avail. This is a charity dear to my heart.

At Jean Vanier’s request I have become involved with Faith & Light UK and have helped organize four meetings thus far of a fledgling Oxford group. Our national committee  have now sorted out insurance arrangements so meetings have resumed. Our next one is on Sunday 20th October in Eynsham. This wonderful charity supports those with learning difficulties and their families.

I started writing up my first book on the beach at Aqaba and completed the task in the library of the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability in Putney where I volunteer.  It was provisionally entitled ‘The Least of Mine – Pastoral Care in Mental Health’.   SPCK, who encouraged me to write this, have sadly lost interest and another publisher who I approached said it didn’t work for them either. I then, for my second book, enlisted the help of Ali Hull (ex Lion Hudson) in order to take matters forward and subsequently with the Caroline Sheldon Literary Agency up in London.

Goodness, one has to get used to rejection in the publishing arena but I am persevering! If all else fails, there is always the self-publishing route these days.

Book 1 is currently on the back-burner and I am now occupied with completing Book 2, a sort of autobiography, this one provisionally entitled ‘Slightly Bonkers Jamie’. The idea is to get my name a little bit known (assuming the second book finds a mainstream publisher) and then to revisit the first, more important book.


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  1. How wonderful … Jean Vanier covered three of my favourite biblical accounts in your Peacemaker retreat ….. the woman at the well… Ezekiel’s bones … and foot washing … Looking forward to reading your journal ….

  2. Alex hello,

    Good to hear from you.

    That is not good news re the Springfield chaplaincy losing your cross. I suspect they have also lost the silver communion cup that I purchased for them in Jerusalem back in 1992.

    Perhaps it shows how little respect they really have for their ‘client group’ , us afflicted ones.

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