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A Westminster ticket

Dear Sirs

Re PCN Number WM77019438

Once again, your operatives are ‘trying it on’ – in fact engaging in fraudulent practices. There was no Penalty Charge Notice issued in this case.  Anticipating this might happen, I made contemporaneous notes.

As a private hire driver I was awaiting my clients to emerge from the Royal Horticultural Society’s Lindley Rooms on Vincent Square when the ‘Civil Enforcement Officer’ appeared at my side window to say, ” You’ve been here 8 minutes.  I can mail it to you ” .  I replied, “No,  it doesn’t work like that.  You would have to put the ticket on my windscreen.  I’ll be off now. ”  Whereupon,  I departed the scene  – at no point did he try to affix any parking ticket, nor attempt to hand me one.

The terms of your ‘How to Challenge’ documentation detail the somewhat draconian,  ” A person who knowingly or recklessly makes a false representation regarding a material fact is guilty of an offence and on summary conviction may be liable for a fine of up to £5,000.” Tell me, please,  why this should not apply to your deceitful traffic wardens ?

Yours faithfully,

Mr A.J.P. Summers

Reply from Westminster parking


Transport for London ticket

Dear Sirs,

Penalty Charge Notice : GF6349577A

I wish to complain in no uncertain terms about the issue of the above penalty charge notice.  I parked outside NatWest Bank at the front end of the ‘one hour free parking’  bay ( between 10a.m. and 4p.m. ) adjacent to the telephone box there at about 11a.m. on the day in question.

There was no tape and/or bollards indicating that the bay had been ‘temporarily suspended’.  It was only when I returned to my car less than an hour later to see two of your operatives issuing me with a ticket that they pointed to a small sign some 12 foot in the air attached to a pole which said ‘bay suspended’ or some such.  How on earth is a motorist supposed to see that ?  In fact, the position in which I parked meant that even if I had looked 12 foot in the air from there,  my view of this ‘sign’ would have been,  and indeed was, obscured by the telephone kiosk.

There appeared to be no just cause for this Red Route parking zone to be out of action anyway. Personally,  I find them very useful … to be able to park free whilst attending to one’s business in Southside or wherever.

As I have said there was inadequate warning of this bay’s closure and I trust you will be able to cancel this ticket.

I await your news,

Yours faithfully,


Mr A.J.P.Summers


Reply from TFL