Second letter to Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury


The glorious 12th August 2015

Dear Justin,

Apologies for ‘bothering’ you – I realize you are a busy man. Enclosed is a letter I sent you about 15 months ago. Your correspondence secretary, Andrew Nunn kindly wrote back on the 2nd June 2014 to say ‘I will draw his attention to your letter’ but possibly that never happened. Just to validate my credentials I have also enclosed a round-robin email concerning Jean Vanier with the other Andrew Nunn’s (Dean of Southwark Cathedral) reply above. And finally the last enclosure is the leaflet (and joining form) of the little charity I chair ‘Being Alongside’, The Association for Pastoral Care in Mental Health.

Regarding the latter; following an exchange of letters with your daughter Katharine, we asked her to become a Patron of BA/APCMH following the death of Stephen Sykes. Sadly she felt she would get too involved to the detriment of her own health so we secured Roger Royle instead – I do try and help Katharine, posting her helpful material and making comments on her inspirational blogsite – you must be very proud of her spirituality.

Regarding my original letter, not much further to report on Johnny Cameron who may escape prison and/or a large fine because of insurance. However, finally, after what, two years in limbo the situation at Farnham seems resolved. At the end of last month the on-the-run thieving vicar from Barnsley, Simon Reynolds, was at last convicted of pocketing £24,000 of fees intended for weddings and funerals. Just ghastly – and so unfair on local clergy who had to cover (and lie) for him. I was about to write again to the Diocesan secretary in Guildford when I learnt the news … he fled half way through the trial to Europe but I assume (always dangerous !) that he has been recaptured to face the music.

Saw Ed Creasy KS the other day who remembers you. Poor Ed went and broke his leg clambering over the Pyrenees from St. Girons a couple of weeks ago.

Yours in Christ,

Jamie Summers

Sent by correspondence secretary,  Andrew Nunn to Justin’s ‘Executive Assistant’ to await his return from abroad.  But no reaction.  Apparently Rowan Williams was able to answer every single letter that came his way with at least a postcard – surely not beyond the whit of the current incumbent. Therefore we have to say:

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