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An email to Getty Images

Have you had a Getty letter?

Dear Getty Images,

I received a letter dated 21 January 2016 from your offices in Ireland regarding the use of Rights Managed (RM) imagery represented by Getty Images being displayed on my website.

To confirm I have removed the image but retained a copy of the blog post in its original version to which you refer in your letter for reference purposes.

The image in question appears to be the background imagery to a banner advert displayed on the Travelscope website which my blog post is about. I obtained the banner advert simply by ‘screengrabbing’ the online Travelscope banner advert.

Portraits Of The Princes & People Of India. - caption: 'The rajah of Putteealla'

However, I would like to confirm that my blog site is a non-profit undertaking, and any imagery used on the site is not intended for commercial use.

To reiterate the use of the imagery was accidental, and was not intended for, nor never has been used for any commercial purposes.

While not central to the purpose of this response may I ask in a professional and supportive fashion if Travelscope has paid the photographer for the use of the RM imagery in their banner advert?

I look forward to your considered response.


Stuart G. Hall

Letter writing note: if you get a ‘Getty letter’, here’s some thought ¬†out advice on what to include in your letter. Plus a full letter template here.